We provide top-notch quality technology services for local businesses !

IT Operation Support

It is the process of Maintenance, End User support, Services Support and also managing the information technology system.

Akiya Ops provides skillful IT Manager, Engineers, Developers to support clients to focus on their core business efficiently, while avoiding the complexities associated with IT operations.

Security Coaching:

When we start landing the INTERNET, there are many things to describe as a media, tool, system, technology, device which brings you into the layers of the INTERNET. We love to use the word “Cyber” so we can cover up the whole story.

We research cutting-edge security to better secure your networks, systems, processes, and people using the OSSTMM.

Penetration Testing:

It is the process of experimenting attacks against a network and/or a system before a real attacker attacks it.

It is so simple to think that when you test your network and/or a system early on and you found the vulnerabilities before a real attacker does, you always have a space to improve your security create a secure system.

Your developing team may have no time to concern security matters while they are busy with their deadlines and targets. So let us help to build a secure app/network/system while you focus on innovation!

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