Social Engineering

“Social Engineering can be known as psychological manipulating in shortly, a legitimate lie, but yelling ‘Fire!’ in a crowed movie-theater and in a public is unlawful”
“Yes, this is definitely an attack vector, almost relies on human interactions. Often involve tricking people, indirectly prompting people to spill their guts and take advantages on their crush or their craziness, let’s talk social engineering” Min Mg Mg talked to Grandpa.
“This is a con game. For instance, an attacker pretend to be a co-worker who has some kind of urgent problem that requires access to office and asking his/her colleague to let him/her in.” he continued. “That’s a cheating. What different from a liar? Grandpa asked.
“Unlike a liar, it’s is more than a liar it is about to get what you want indirectly, because it is gentle. Ok, I’ll give you an remarkable example. In the video called “Catch Me If You Can” there are a lot of the social engineering topics. Sr Frank asked his Jr Frank that “You know why yankee always win, frank?” and Jr. Frank answered “Because, they have Mickey Mantle.” Sr Frank said “No, because of the other teams can’t stop staring at the pinstripes”.
Next more notable example is; by the time Jr. Frank started his business. He needed to have PAN AM airline’s pilot uniform to be able to successfully mimic as a PAN AM’s pilot. So, he called to PAN AM airline.
Receptionist: Pan Am, may I help you?
FRANK: Yeah, hello. I’m calling about a uniform.
Receptionist: Hold for Purchasing.
FRANK: Thank you.
WOMAN: Purchasing.
FRANK (Southern accent): Hi. I’m a copilot based out of San Francisco. I flew a flight into New York last night but I’m headed out to, uh, Paris in three hours. The problem is, I sent my uniform to be cleaned through the hotel and I… I guess they must have lost it.
WOMAN: They lost a uniform. It happens all the time. Don’t worry; go down to the Well-Built Uniform Companyat Ninth and Broadway. They’re our uniform supplier. I’ll tell Mr. Rosen you’re coming.
So, in the event he could have PAN AM’s uniform. That’s one of the social engineering methods, grandpa. Frenk is a confidence man. Of course, (con man) that’s the very important skill that a social engineer needs.” Min Mg Mg just gives an example to Grandpa. And.
“Frank Abagnale was one of the most famous back there. And Kevin Mitnick who is very famous within people who love and studying computer hacking and security awareness. I’d love to talk about some well-known methods of social engineering.” Min Mg Mg said when he started opening a presentation file.
“Popular types of social engineering attacks”…..