Being creative is the combination of passion, knowledge, and experience.

Need prototyping help?

Akiya Research is a brand new prototyping and research business in Myanmar that opened last week! It’s managed and staffed by passionate locals who are changing the IT and Software employment landscape by giving things we expect in our own businesses: competitive wages, work from home, flexible hours, a 5 day work week, equal pay for women, vacation and holidays off, and profit-sharing.

The Scammed IT Guy

“Grandpa, here is my presentation, could you please to share couple of minutes for me? And min mg mg started  his presentation. Introduction: my name is Min Mg Mg, I’m studying on cyber security. I’m studying by “googling” and the main source of my studying is mostly Hacker High School…
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First Date With Linux?

Let me share one of my experiences with linux for linux starters. Since before you install a linux distro make sure you understand the directory structure well because we don’t want to get PITA later when we earn better knowledge on it. …Read More

Hacking for a Digital Marketer

What is Digital In this digital world almost everything is steadily replaced by the term of digital. An umbrella terms was created for the term marketing as well. Marketing itself is a technique which is to change the concepts of people and makes them to be wanting to buy the marketed products or services. And of course everywhere a demandl…
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Dox means doc, the abbreviation of the English word document and a Slang of document. For attackers it’s like a weapon and for mad scientists it’s a treasured habit. This method is employed to acquire information of someone by hacking, social engineering and searching publicly available information and …Read More

Social Engineering

“Social Engineering can be known as psychological manipulating in shortly, a legitimate lie, but yelling ‘Fire!’ in a crowed movie-theater and in a public is unlawful”
“Yes, this is definitely an attack vector, almost relies on human interactions. Often involve tricking people, indirectly prompting people to spill their guts and take…
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Ping is the favorite tool of network administrators for testing such things as connectivity, discovery, response time and so on over networks. Sadly, there’s a sarcasm about being a hacker which is  “ping a server” then “I’m a Hacker !” …Read More


All of us human beings, whether we are happy in the workplace we choose for our livelihood or not. Whether we are happy or not, it is a fact of life for all of our employees….
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